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Why is an Ecological label necessary within the European Union ?

You can actively act for protecting the environment buying cleaning products and detergents certificated Ecolabel. Those are eco friendly products.

The ecological label from the European Union is an easy system to help customers chosing their cleaning products. The flower logo is know through all Europe and cover large branch of products. This flower logo helps identifying quality detergents, harmless for the environment.

Are the products with the flower logo more expansive ?

Not necessary. Prices change up to products and detergents. Products with the flower logo representant an added value because their impact on the environment is reduced moreover, they comply with very stricts rules.

Are ecological cleaners and detergents as efficient as non ecological products ?

The Ecological label from the European Union is granted to products and detergents guarantying at least as efficient as non ecological products.

How does the Ecological Label is attributed ?

Unfortunately, there is no human activity totally eco-friendly but it is still possible to reduce impact of some products or detergents on our Planet Earth.

As a matter of fact, to analyse products and detergents waiting for they Ecolabel approval, a list of requirements about Environment and products features has been established.

To be granted of the European Ecological Label, products and detergents must comply with all requirements, including the entire life of the product, from the production to the use to the final waste disposal.