You can make an important active contribution to the protection of the environment by purchasing products and detergents with Ecolabel that are less harmful to the environment.

The EU Ecolabel is a simple system that helps you make informed decisions about the products and detergents you buy. The distinctive flower is recognized throughout Europe and covers a wide range of product groups, facilitating the identification of quality products and detergents that are less harmful to the environment.

Are the products and detergents that carry the flower more expensive?

Not necessarily. Price comparability varies depending on the products and detergents. In any case, the products carrying the flower represent an added value, since they have a minor impact on the environment and conform to very strict standards.

Are organic products and detergents as good as conventional ones?

The EU Ecolabel is only granted to products and detergents that can be guaranteed, at least, an efficiency equivalent to that of conventional detergents and products.

How is the eco-label given to a product or detergent?

Although no human activity is completely environmentally friendly, it is always possible to reduce the impact of certain products and detergents on our environment.
Therefore, in order to analyse the products and detergents that are candidates for the EU Ecolabel, a series of criteria relating to the environment and the performance of the product have been established.
To be beneficiaries of EU eco-labelling, products and detergents must meet all the criteria, which must take into account all aspects of the entire life cycle of the product, from its production and use, to its final disposal.